Soon after I’d composed my post about Zeppelin Stories, I discovered what should prove to be a fantastic pulp reprint: Lester Dent’s Zeppelin Tales (Heliograph 2006, ISBN 1930658206). Dent is famous for his contribution to the hero pulps–Doc Savage, Man of Bronze–who followed Street and Smith’s first great pulp hero creation, the Shadow.

I would also like to point out that August Derleth wrote much more than Sherlock Holmes pastiches. He is also famous for writing pastiches based upon the work of H.P. Lovecraft and even started, with Donald Wandrei, his own press, Arkham House, to publish HPL’s work between hardcovers for the first time. As Bill pointed out in his earlier comments, Derleth’s pastiches are not estimated very highly by many Lovecraft fans, and Bill’s Brian Lumley recommendation is spot-on, as usual. Derleth also wrote several works of regional fiction and nonfiction set in his native Wisconsin, the short story collection, Place of Hawks, being an excellent example.

Coming soon: Sexton Blake.