"Arthur! I’m Doing Laundry!"

Very well. All comments are welcome, but I’m still only doing this grudgingly! By the way, can anyone identify the above quote?

I took my new washer and dryer for a spin last night. Well, they’re new to me–I bought them from a friend in the math dept. Besides, I happen to like “harvest gold”. It turns out the hoses were mismatched, and believe me, they don’t reattach as cleanly after they’ve been recently used (my only real knowledge of plumbing comes from reading snippets of Vitruvius). In time, though, everything turned out clean and smelling like guest room soap.

The pictures are fantastic, Meg, and Justin, combos . . .

Johnnie, I’ll post my entire aesthetic manifesto in the near future (to what I’m sure will be everyone’s horror).