Bicarbonate Johnny

That’s right, he’s called “Bicarbonate Johnny”, and he doesn’t let a little dyspepsia keep him from discovering the mystery of the “Claw of the Kidnapped Idol”. While not as physically challenged as other “defective detectives” (a sub-sub-genre of pulp mystery fiction); such as Inspector Allhoff, the double amputee, or Calvin Kane, The “Crab” detective; Johnny does have to frequently resort to chewing soda mints to keep his heartburn at bay, occasionally burping “impatiently” and “succinctly” despite these antacids.

Thanks to the Pulpgen site for digitizing this mystery by Marcus Lyons (a.k.a. James Blish) from Crack Detective Stories (Dec. 1947). While it’s far from being top-notch detective fiction, it’s esoteric value is phenomenal.