Holmes on Film (Again)

According to Variety, Warner Bros. has just announced its intention to make another Sherlock Holmes movie with Neil Marshall slated to direct and Michael Johnson to write the screenplay. As for the plot, all anyone knows is that it is to be based on Michael Wigram’s forthcoming comic book, Sherlock Holmes and that it will concentrate more on Holmes’ potential as an action hero:

Wigram’s vision has Holmes losing some of his Victorian stuffiness and being more adventuresome, including playing up his skills as a bare-knuckle boxer and expert swordsman as he goes about solving crimes.

If the film can do this without cheapening its protagonist, it should be most welcome by Sherlock Holmes fans, who haven’t seen Holmes on the big screen since Christopher Plummer’s turn in Murder by Decree (1979) or, to a lesser extent, Nicholas Rowe’s in Young Sherlock Holmes (1985).