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Pulp Fiction Texts

  • Munseys – Named after the famous pulp publisher, this is the resurrection of the old Black Mask site and contains thousands of ebooks.
  • Pulpgen – A large digital collection of stories from pulp fiction magazines.
  • – Scans of several pulp and slick magazines, including Weird Tales and The Argosy Weekly.
  • Free Speculative Fiction Online – Index of freely available science fiction stories.
  • HorrorMasters – A large collection of horror stories.
  • Selected Authors of Supernatural Horror – Lots of stories by, bibliographic material about, and more on Bierce, Lovecraft, Poe, Blackwood, Machen, Shiel, Dunsany, O’Brien, Clark Ashton Smith, and Hodgson.
  • Gaslight – A digital collection of Victorian and Edwardian mystery, horror, and adventure stories.
  • Age of Aces Books – This site features all of their air pulp reprints and several free downloads.
  • Uvula Audiobooks – Audiobook versions of Lovecraft, Wodehouse, Doc Savage, etc.