"Say, Man, Back Again"

After a bit of reflection (i.e. drinking), I’ve decided to continue with posting to this blog. It began as an assignment for one of my MLIS courses, and I’m going to keep a few of these mandatory posts, not because I want to preserve some kind of historical record, but simply because I can’t bring myself to delete any comments left by my friends: Megan, Justin, Bill, and Stefanie. From here on, although library and information science is a fascinating and stimulating subject over which I’m sure countless individuals pour with palm-sweating avidity, I’m going to risk alienating this audience in order to indulge some of my own oh-so-popular interests, such as classical studies, English and French lit., pulp fiction (please have a look at the del.icio.us tags to the left), and music (I’d love it someone could identify where the above title came from). I can’t promise that I’ll post to this page every day, but at least once a week I’ll try to throw up something that may be mildly interesting or of some utility.

For instance, this week I’d like to highlight the efforts of my friend Chris Francese of Dickinson College. Recently Chris began putting together some Podcasts that feature him discussing a Latin poem and then reading it aloud, in hopes that it will help students with their pronunciation and scansion (or merely to indulge his own odd interests). Here’s where these can be found:


Hopefully, someone out there will appreciate this, and if anyone does, please let me know. Until next time.