Sherlock Holmes Research Resources

I write a good deal about Sherlock Holmes and wanted to gather a few of the more useful online resources I’ve utilized in one place. Even more can be found in my Delicious bookmarks.


  • Universal Sherlock Holmes – Ronald Burt De Waal and George Vanderburgh’s famous Holmes bibliography.
  • Searching for Sherlock – A Sherlock Holmes concordance.
  • Quotable Sherlock Holmes – A PDF of this now out-of-print but indispensible collection of quotations.
  • SHERLOCK – A Database of Sherlockian Pastiches, Parodies and Related Fiction
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Manuscripts and Facsimiles – A checklist of ACD’s manuscripts.
  • London of Sherlock Holmes – A Google Maps project with precise and imprecise locations, travel routes, and sites of interest.
  • Crime Scene Sketches – Thomas Hanratty’s blueprints for the crime scenes of several Sherlock Holmes stories.
  • – One of the best sources of Sherlock Holmes/Arthur Conan Doyle materials with etexts of all the Holmes stories.
  • Baker Street Irregulars Archive – An archival finding aid for Harvard’s collection of historical BSI materials: correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, etc.
  • Solar – Robert Byrne’s site devoted to August Derleth’s Solar Pons pastiches features annotations for almost every story and gazettes filled with essays and information about the great detective.
  • Blakiana – A site devoted to England’s other popular Baker Street detective, Sexton Blake.
  • Casebook: Jack the Ripper – The definitive Jack the Ripper site.

Texts and Images

  • Camden House – All the stories with a great collection of illustrations and other Sherlockian material.
  • Diogenes Club – One of the best Sherlockian resources on the Web–primary and secondary texts, bibliographies, filmographies, etc.
  • Art in the Blood – Sherlock Holmes site with lots of unexpected items, including materials on all the Paget brothers, Arthur Morrison, and Solar Pons.
  • Victorian and Edwardian Mysteries – A large collection of short stories in PDF format.
  • Gaslight – A digital collection of Victorian and Edwardian mystery, horror, and adventure stories.

News and Further Information