"Teneo hic chartulas nonnullas . . . quae, puto, etiam tua intersint" (GLOR)

I mentioned in an earlier post that it’s a rare thing when my interest in classics intersects with my interest in horror and mystery fiction, and I’ve recently found found another one of these fantastic intersections: Sherlock Holmes stories translated into Latin! Ephemeris, the online, daily Latin news site, has so far translated 3 stories from the Adventures and Memoirs:

Proxenetae funtionarius (“A Case of Identity”)
Fulmen argenteum (“Silver Blaze”)
Facies lutea (“The Yellow Face”)
“The Gloria Scott

Hopefully, they will post even more in the future.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to point out that Scott Monty of the Baker Street Blog (he’s been involved in a lot of brilliant things, lately) and Burt Wolder have recently undertaken a series of Sherlockian podcasts at I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere. They haven’t yet recorded their official premier episode, but they have recorded a nice introductory piece which introduces listeners to the medium. This episode also features a couple of treats that will be familiar to readers of the Baker Street Journal, a short “My First Meeting with Sherlock Holmes” segment and a reading of Edgar W. Smith’s famous editorial, “The Implicit Holmes”. This will definitely be worth following.